country/soul album “INTRODUCING” official street date and first single

February 20, 2016

“Introducing” releasing May 13th 2016 on Bella Union(UK/EU) and Raven Marching Band Records(US) has elements of country and soul covering tunes written in the 70s by songwriters Tom T. Hall, Waylon Jennings, Don Gibson, Barry Gibb, Townes Van Zandt, Tom Rush, Layng Martine, Jr.

Featuring the masterminding and production of Tucker Martine‘s  (as well as drums!), Eli Moore‘s beautiful guitar, Steve Moore on the piano and organ, and some backing vocals by Jim James of My Morning Jacket and Laura Veirs, here’s Fallin’ Rain, written by Link Wray for his 1971 album “Link Wray.”

Thanks to The Line of Best Fit for sending out album/single announcements this February 18th 2016 post –…ry/karl-blau

“Maherican Dream” Realized

October 13, 2014
(original art for Maherican Dream by Kevin Noonan)
NEW BLAU ALBUM:   Maherican Dream
Created like the process of dreaming, the story of recording Maherican Dream started by reaching inside asking what is right in front of our faces.  Dreaming of low-lying fruit – LAKE and I swapped records – I would produce one for them (Circular Doorway, recorded in The Unknown, Anacortes) in exchange for LAKE backing me ( a la Nature’s Got Away) at Dub Narcotic Studio, Olympia.
 Karl Blay Dub Narcotic
(above:  Karl and Patrick dialing in the dream at Dub Narcotic, Olympia)
We could end up calling this style Northern Tropicalia – finding invigorating percussion and juxtaposing smooth, rich melodies over a base of softness like tropical sea water.  The players of the initial layering of Maherican Dream leaned into one another and listened carefully to the interweaving of sonic textures.   Playing with the flat 7 mode and sometimes a sharp 4th keeps the music feeling exotic – over the months that followed the backing tracks  Karl crafted melodies to these recordings.  Then he wrote lyrics just for the specific feeling of the music.
Lyrically, heavy symbolism (as you would expect, perhaps?) churning with concrete imagery mixes and blurs the lines between reality and dream state.

Named in reference/reverence to Tori Kudo’s Maher Shalal Hash Baz, “Maherican Dream” engages the child-mind to shake up and break down the framework of routine and mindlessness.



July 15, 2014

Say au revoir to’s life as an exclusive lyrics share project – has shifted into an all-inclusive site with blogposts, calendar of show dates, photos, videos:  the whole 9!  Now, of course I’ll continue the popular scroll of useable words choreographed by yours truly – (NPR acknowledgment of my free lyric site), it’s under the link called “Lyrics“.  Thank you dearly to Kenneth M. Piekarski for spiritually and physically paving the way for this horse-before-the-cart shift to take place; and of course featuring my Blaug (which I am constantly updating) which hosts recordings I’ve made on my boombox of the actual performance of bands/artists of which I share the stage with.  Thank you Andrea Matthies (unscripted photos) for the visage of me in a Grecian pose that serves as the backdrop to the new


Warning to KLAPS subscribers, issues 33 and 34 are slated to be mailed within the next few weeks, if you’ve moved since you’ve signed up to get these, please let me know your current address and feel free to reply with questions, thank you!

Banshees and forest nymphs’ wailing sirens, the actual beach with horns and percussions dancing off of one another.  KLAPS 034 called Natural Kautz packages this collaboration of Seattle trumpeter Bill Kautz and the central Whidbey Island, tenor saxophonist Neil Welch mixed in with Karl Blau’s droning harmonium, harmonica, alto sax or electric bass, captured in the forests and on the beaches of Fidalgo Island, WA.  Experiments in distance and dissonance, chords and chaos.  This is truly a unique recording that reflects a tension and a beauty of interaction and space.  Enjoy the track entitled “Forest Nymph Study.” and just wait until Natural KAUTZ takes you all over the island.  (West Coast Chalice, current KLAPS issue 032 featured below).

If you’re not signed up to receive KLAPS (KLAPS = self-released Blau recordings), you may do so here, or purchase archival releases at Karl Blau shows, or online on the vast KLAPS Bandcamp page.

Tune into my feed to hear almost every single recording of mine (99% of my solo catalog) of which postings started March 1st 2014 and will continue through February 28th 2015.

Anacortes’s favorite festival curated and produced by our own Phil Elverum and Geneviève Castrée starts this Friday and continues through the weekend.   This installment of The Unknown features music, books, movies and much more.  My 3 piece pop band Lovers Without Borders will be at Causland Park on Saturday (free show! afternoon), get more info and your pass now:


West Coast Chalice is currently exploding out into the world.  KLAPS number 33 features covers of songs from Laura Veirs, Ashley Eriksson, Mirah, Jean Smith and other  West Coast, female songwriters done up in a grunge fashion by Karl Blau with the fabulous drums of Braydn Krueger(Lonely Forest).

3 lead guitarists on this album have tangible grunge cred:  Lori Goldston rips some incredible guitar on the opening track Michael Row, she was the cellist for Nirvana for last chapter of the band (remember Nirvana Unplugged 20 years ago?);  Doug Cassidy used to be in a band with a former drummer of Nirvana Chad Channing (and we all know Doug to be the Grunge master); and Jacob Navarro who more recently performed mandolin on Eddie (debatable-y grungy?)Vedder’s “Better Days.”